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Help us support the Green and make a difference by donating as little as £10 a year! 


This project started in 1990. It all started with the Tolworth main allotments and Kingston Council wanting to sell it. With massive public outcry and many meetings the Kingston Council plans were rejected. After public consultation it was agreed to turn the Green into a woodland garden, dividing it into 8 acres allotments and 12 acres being the green. 


AMGT has no financial funding at all. We rely totally on events, donations and friends of the green. We would like to keep the green up and running as it is a much loved area!  Many people enjoy it, its a lovely dog walking area, many types of wildlife and young trees! 


You could become a Friend Of The Green from just £10 a year! Your money will go towards grass cutting, insurance and many other maintenence needs! 

Get Involved

Apart from becoming a Friend Of The Green, you could volunteer and be involved! 

Whether its being on the green or just posting a few leaflets! 

Latest Project

We have been doing lots of tree planting and grass cutting etc and I am pleased to say that today I visited the green and the amount of people who were walking on the green I was very pleased about! Lets encourage them to be friends of the green! 

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